About Rahman Hospitals

Rahman Hospitals Pvt. Ltd, Guwahati, an advanced centre for  Neurological Neurosurgical & spinal diseases , 24 hours trauma and emergency care and allied specialties. Fifty (50) beded indoor treatment facility with most modern equipments at affordable cost.


Our service providers are carefully selected from the different regions of N.E. states to deliver high quality patient care. Our caring team is available round the clock and is able to assist you with your concerns at any hour.

Our team includes:

  1..Medical directors
3. Resident medical officers
4. In-house consultants
5. Staff – nurses
6. Dieticians
7. Physiotherapists
8. Primary care staff
9. Paramedics trained in Life Support Measures

We provide tremendous source of satisfaction by providing care and comfort to patients, who visit our hospital in pain and anxiety.

              Rahman Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.  Guwahati is equipped with the most modern technology and equipments  at par with advance Neurocentres in the world to treat the entire range of neurological, neurosurgical & spinal diseases and trauma cases. For the first time in Guwahati we are introducing Ultasonic Suction Aspirator for brain and spinal tumour surgery which will reduduce the surgical time by 50% at the same time increase the safety factor.

Dr.M.L.A.Rahman Consultant Neurosurgeon and the Director of the Rahman Hospital has an experience of conducting  more than 5,000 major  & minor  neurosurgeries including cranial and spinal traumas for the past two decades.


To provide timely, appropriate and highly advanced treatment  of patients with neurological  and spinal diseases  at an affordable cost.”


The Hospital will function as pay per service model which will be appropriate and affordable. Total comfort during the treatment period and maximal functional recovery will be motive of the hospital. 

Organization Owning the Hospital

RAHMAN HOSPITLS PRIVATE LIMITTED a registered Company limited by shares will be the owner of the proposed hospital.


1. Dr. (Mrs.) M. Thasneem Akhthar Rahman - Managing Director, and
2. Dr. M.L.A. Rahman - Director


M/S RAHMAN HOSPITALS PVT. LTD. is a company limed by shares, registered under companies Act. 1956.


M/S RAHMAN HOSPITALS PVT. LTD. is registered under NEIIPP,2007

No. DICC/K/NEIIPP/415 Dated. 23/06/2009